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HP has been one of the top printer brands since a numerous number of years. But as we all know that every technology goes through a few technical glitches after a certain period of time. In the same fashion, your printer also come up with an HP Printer error code that restricts your printer from printing good quality images.

Solution For Your HP Printer Error Code

Sometimes the procedure to solve the error may be a bit more expensive for you. Keeping that in mind, I have discussed a few problems with your HP Printer along with their solutions. You can navigate to the exact HP Printer error code you have encountered and apply the relevant solution accordingly.

02 – Warming Up

When there is a problem with your printer cable or printer driver, this error code appears on your printer monitor screen. It is annoying to come across this error while printing, scanning or turning on the printer. You can easily get rid of the error by following the steps:

=> Switch off your printer and unplug the printer cable from the device and turn it on again. Next, update the driver and printer cable to remove the source of the problem.

11 – Paper Out

Once you get this error code on your printer, you must have thought that your printer is out of paper. But this may not be the right situation in your case. If there is a problem with your printer paper tray or paper sensor, this error message reflects on your device.

=> You should always keep your printer on a flat surface to make it work properly. Take a look at the paper tray and clean the toner build-up of your printer to make sure they are working fine.

13 – Paper Jam

This HP Printer error code clearly indicates that there is a foreign object stuck in the machine. Generally, during the time of pickup, printing or fusing you meet with this paper jamming issue. The modern HP Printers even shows where exactly the problem has occurred.

=> Open the front door of your printer and look for the external material stuck there. Remove it carefully and clean the surface area with a lint-free cloth.

49 – Printer Error or Communication Error

There may be various reasons behind this error code depending on your printer model. It generally indicates hardware problems, firmware errors or cable issues. This HP Printer error code prevents you from printing images.

=> First restart your printer once. Update the firmware, restart the memory module and check if the problem is gone. If it still continues, replace the communication wires and the problem will be solved.

Still Struggling With The HP Printer Error Code?

In case you are still unable to fix your printing issue, connect with our HP Printer Support number +1-888-516-2395 for a better clarification. Their efficient technical specialists will thoroughly scrutinize your concern and help you get rid of the error code completely. So, approach the right person for help and fix your issues with the authorized support team.

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